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  1. Why Roku's Rocketing Stock May Flame Out

    Roku stock soared on better-than-expected 3Q financial results, but the rally could sputter soon.
  2. Who Is Jerome Powell?

    Jerome Powell, President Trump's pick for the next Fed Chair, is a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve.
  3. Wells Fargo Sees Big Outflows From Target Date Funds

    Wells Fargo is seeing large outflows from target date funds at a time when they are nearing record levels in terms of inflows.
  4. TradeStation Ranked Best Technology for Futures by Benzinga

    TradeStation offers the best technology for futures trading, according to Benzinga.
  5. Shopify Stock Sets Off Preliminary Short Sale Signal

    Shopify stock has reversed at hidden resistance, while heavy distribution points to an institutional exodus.
  6. Microsoft, SAP Team to Compete Against Amazon

    The deal calls for SAP to use Microsoft's cloud services and to recommend it to its customers.
  7. Is the ICO Whitepaper Dead?

    As more and more cryptocurrencies enter the market, the template of the white paper-the document touting the benefits of ...
  8. CME to Launch Bitcoin Futures

    Bitcoin derivatives are coming to CME.
  9. Has Square Stock Topped Out?

    Square stock fell on heavy volume Monday, but minimal technical damage suggests that the decline will mark a buying opportunity.
  10. Bitcoin Price Inches Towards $10,000

    Bitcoin is almost at $10,000 even as investors are preparing for a $40,000 price target for 2018.
  11. SOX Semiconductor Index at 17-Year Resistance

    The chip index is within 20 points of multi-decade resistance, predicting a reversal and decline that could last for months.
  12. Marvell Technology Stock Is Not Cheap and Could Short-Circuit

    Marvell Technology's P/E ratio is 45.29, and its dividend is puny at 1.30% - traders should play the momentum.
  13. Tesla Is Counting on Massive Leaps in Technology

    Analysts claim that Tesla will struggle to deliver on its semi truck and sports car promises, at least based on current battery ...
  14. Apple Seeks Patent for a Foldable Phone

    Apple's patent application has sparked rumors that the next iPhone could be foldable.
  15. SoftBank Looks for 30% Discount on Uber Shares

    The Japanese conglomerate giant and its partners are reportedly trying to buy a stake in the company.
  16. Why Apple Faces Trouble Ahead

    Apple shares could encounter some trouble going forward.
  17. How Amazon Is Losing The Artificial Intelligence Race

    While Amazon leads in online merchandising and cloud computing, it lags in artificial intelligence.
  18. Verizon's Stock May Rise More Than 15% in 2018

    Could 2018 be the year that Verizon breaks out of its nearly five-year period of going nowhere?
  19. Latest Investment Gives SpaceX $21B Valuation

    Elon Musk’s SpaceX is now valued at $21.5 billion, placing it in a rarefied group of the world's privately held companies. ...
  20. Square Stock at Risk on ‘Bitcoin Mania’: BTIG

    Analysts expect Square Inc. to lose more than a quarter of its value in the next 12 months.
  21. Amazon Hits Record, Bezos Net Worth Tops $100B

    Analysts see AMZN positioned to rake in a larger share of online spending over the holiday season.
  22. Western Digital Falls on Peak NAND: Morgan Stanley

    Analysts say to cash out on memory-chip plays, indicating that NAND prices have already topped out.
  23. Where Time Warner Could Go If AT&T Deal Fails

    Analysts reiterate a buy rating on TWX, remaining upbeat on industry consolidation.
  24. Bitcoin Is Now Bigger Than These Companies

    From a slice of pizza to $160 billion. How Bitcoin has grown bigger than some corporate giants.
  25. Why the 'Santa Claus' Stock Rally Is at Risk

    Whether the stock market enjoys a "Santa Claus rally" this year may hinge on the progress of tax reform.
  26. Stocks Could Rise As Much As 27% In 2018

    Golden Bull: The S&P 500 May Rise Sharply If Tax Reforms Are Passed
  27. Roku: Needham Lifts Price Target as Stock Surges

    Roku's stock was already surging when Needham & Co. upped its price target to $50 from $28 a share.
  28. E*TRADE Ranked Best Option Trading Broker by Benzigna

    Financial media company Benzinga rated E*TRADE as the top brokerage for options trading.
  29. Biotechs Celgene, Biogen May Rally Through Yearend

    Year-end stock rallies by Biogen, Celgene and Amgen could buoy the biotech sector as 2018 approaches.
  30. Fidelity Investments Is Best Place to Research ETFs: Benzinga

    Fidelity Investments is the best place to research ETFs, according to financial media company Benzinga.
  31. Charles Schwab Gets Top Billing for ETF Investors From Benzinga

    Benzinga, the financial media company, gave Charles Schwab top billing for overall ETF investing.
  32. BlackRock Sees 24% Uptick in Fixed-Income ETF Clients in 2017

    BlackRock is reporting a double-digit uptick in fixed-income ETF clients this year.
  33. Cleveland-Cliffs Stock: Uptrend Hanging by a Thread

    Cleveland-Cliffs stock has been testing support at $5.50 for the past six months and now must survive December tax selling ...
  34. Ally Invest Rated Best Low-Cost Broker for Option Traders by Benzinga

    Benginza ranked Ally Invest as the lowest-cost trading platform for options.
  35. Bitcoin Price Swings Put $10,000 Within Sight

    The cryptocurrency was within $300 of breaking the $10,000 price barrier.
  36. GameStop Stock: Turnaround or False Breakout?

    GameStop shares rose sharply on third quarter results, but traders will be watching these key levels over the coming week.
  37. iPhone X Sales Could Be 20% Above Expectations: KGI

    KGI Securities raised their shipment estimates, saying they will be as much as 20% higher in Q4.
  38. Bitcoin Vs Ethereum: Driven by Different Purposes

    The popularity and rising market capitalization of Ether brings it in competition with all cryptocurrencies, especially from ...
  39. 3 Hot Stock Plays for the Holidays

    Small- and mid-cap retail stocks could offer value this holiday season, with a strong economy and low unemployment driving ...
  40. Nvidia and GE to Bring AI to CT and Ultrasound

    Nvidia's chips are set power AI applications to be used in hospitals as part of a partnership with General Electric’s healthcare ...
  41. Samsung Falls After Morgan Stanley Downgrade

    Samsung’s shares fell to a one-month low after Morgan Stanley trimmed its target price on the stock.
  42. 3 Electric Car Plays With 25% Upside

    Here are three industry players with an upside in the electric car race.
  43. Amazon Breakouts Could Rise 11% Options Trades Show Inc. shares continue to rise in 2017 and likely have further to go.
  44. AMD May Have Bottomed, Stock Set to Rise

    AMD shares could be set to rise by over 25% in the coming week.
  45. Bitcoin Price Sets Another Record High By Crossing $9,000 Mark

    Bitcoin's price topped $9,000 this morning and seems on track to pass $10,000 by the end of 2017.
  46. Do Bitcoin Mining Energy Costs Influence Its Price?

    Given that energy costs account for 90% to 95% of bitcoin production costs, what influence do they exert on its prices?
  47. Ethereum Reaches Record High And Bitcoin Price Follows Suit

    Bitcoin has mostly hogged headlines but ethereum is a winner too this year.
  48. Europe Startup Launches Bitcoin-Settled Futures

    NexPay UAB will function as a bank and directly settle payments with the central bank.
  49. Independent Advisors See Passive Investing as an Opportunity According to Charles Schwab Study

    A Charles Schwab survey found that financial advisors view passive investing as an opportunity.
  50. Charles Schwab CEO Predicts AI, HSAs, Consolidation for 2018

    Schwab CEO Walt Bettinger believes AI will spread, HSAs will explode and more financial services consolidation will ensue ...
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Hot Definitions
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    The value of a bond at maturity, or of an asset at a specified, future valuation date, taking into account factors such as ...
  2. Run Rate

    1. How the financial performance of a company would look if you were to extrapolate current results out over a certain period ...
  3. Current Yield

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  4. Audit

    An unbiased examination and evaluation of the financial statements of an organization.
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