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  1. Cryptocurrency Winners and Losers This Week

    Prices for bitcoin, ethereum and ripple plummeted to cap off a dismal week for cryptocurrencies.
  2. Apple Shares Officially In a Correction

    Shares of Apple have fallen 10% from their recent and all-time highs as investors cast doubts on the company's ability to ...
  3. Despite Mortgage Rate Increase, Housing Remains Affordable

    Based on First American Financial's November Real House Price Index, housing remains affordable.
  4. Leaked Photo Suggests NSA Infiltrated Cryptocurrencies

    A leaked letter in a photo suggests the National Security Agency investigated cryptocurrencies. Is it legit or a hoax?
  5. Bitcoin Investors Face More Pain On Likely 35% Plunge

    Bitcoin's price decline may steepen, technical charts show
  6. Apple Gears Up to Spend All Its Cash

    Apple's CFO said the aim is to have its cash position decline to zero over time.
  7. TD Ameritrade CEO: Retail Investors Pouring Money Into Stock Market

    TD Ameritrade's CEO said there is an "enormous" amount of new retail money coming into the stock market.
  8. TD Ameritrade: Tax Reform Put Brakes on RIA M&A in 4Q

    TD Ameritrade Institutional found that M&A in the advisory markets paused in the fourth quarter because of tax reform.
  9. Stock Market Has Best January In 20 Years As Bears Lurk

    January's soaring stock market indicates a bull year ahead, statistics show
  10. Fidelity Investments: Bull Market Could Extend to 2019

    Fidelity's director of global macro Jurrien Timmer thinks the bull market will continue into 2019 and beyond.
  11. Crypto This Week: Bitcoin Price Plunged Below $8,000

    Bitcoin's price tumbled to its lowest value in months as the cryptocurrency bloodbath continues. Why?
  12. Why Apple's Supercycle Has Only Begun

    Despite media hype that iPhone X sales would flop, Apple's muscular 1Q revenue proved its supercycle is for real.
  13. Credit Card Issuers Are Charging Fees for Buying Cryptocurrency

    Coinbase alerted customers on Feb. 1 that credit card companies have begun treating cryptocurrency purchases as cash advances.
  14. Tesla Partners for Electric Truck Charging Stations

    Tesla is collaborating with Anheuser-Busch, PepsiCo and UPS for new electric charging stations.
  15. Coinbase Issues 1099s: Reminds Users to Pay Taxes on Bitcoin Gains

    Coinbase sent 1099-K forms to customers, urging them to pay taxes on their bitcoin and cryptocurrency gains.
  16. Amazon Price Targets Raised After Smash Quarter

    Amazon's strong Q4 showing prompted a slew of Wall Street firms to lift their price targets.
  17. Apple Breakout at Risk After Earnings

    Apple stock is just above support generated by October's dramatic breakout and needs to hold that line to maintain the long-term ...
  18. Global Smartphone Shipments Suffered Biggest Ever Fall Last Quarter

    Neil Mawston, executive director at Strategy Analytics, warned that global iPhone volumes will continue to decline until ...
  19. Starbucks Hopes New Credit Card Will Boost Loyalty, Stimulate Sales

    The coffee chain has launched a new branded credit card in order to jolt sales.
  20. NVIDIA at Risk Over Cryptomining Exposure: GS

    The chipmaker loses its spot on Goldman's conviction buy list on cryptocurrency volatility.
  21. Why Kohl's Is Back From the Brink

    Bulls expect the retailer's momentum to continue, driven by digital sales and other factors
  22. 5 Dividend Stocks for Bargain-Hungry Investors

    Buying high dividend, low valuation stocks has been a long-term winning formula.
  23. 4 Stocks That Will Profit From Dollar’s Pullback

    The almighty dollar is falling, and it’s helping to boost shares of multinational corporations.
  24. Pandora Restructures in Fight Against Spotify

    Pandora shares up Thursday following news that it will double down on strategic growth initiatives.
  25. Venezuela's Petro Isn't Oil-Backed. It's Not Even a Cryptocurrency (Opinion)

    The petro, Venezuela's proposed cryptocurrency, is a farce.
  26. Vanguard Shuns Niche Investments With Launch of Balanced ETFs in Canada

    Vanguard rolled out three new ETFs in Canada that take a balanced approach to investing, shunning more niche ETFs.
  27. TD Ameritrade Expands Commission-Free ETFs

    TD Ameritrade has added 24 new commission-free ETFs to its ETF Market Center.
  28. Vanguard Says 86% of Its Funds Outperformed Rivals Over 5-Year Period

    Vanguard issued its fund performance update showing that 86% of its funds outperformed peers on a five-year basis.
  29. Charles Schwab Customers Feel Better Financially, Worry About Politics and Market Correction

    Schwab's retail customers ended 2017 feeling like they were in a better financial position, but they have a number of concerns.
  30. Mortgage Rates Move Higher as Fed Signals Rate Hikes Are Coming

    Mortgage rates continue to increase after the Fed signaled that three rate hikes are likely this year.
  31. Fidelity Investments Has $40B Outflows From Actively Managed, $50B Inflows to Passive Funds: Morningstar

    Fidelity was a clear loser when it came to outflows from actively managed mutual funds but saw $51.3 billion of inflows to ...
  32. Qualcomm Stock Moves Lower Despite Earnings Beat

    Qualcomm shares moved lower following the company's first quarter results, but traders will be watching these key levels.
  33. UPS Earnings Delivered, Stock Slumps on Spending

    UPS delivered positive earnings, but the stock slumped – shares are not cheap, with an elevated P/E ratio of 31.40.
  34. 5 Dow Stocks That Will Surge As Rates Rise

    Bucking the trend: rising interest rates may hurt stocks in general, but not these 5 Dow components.
  35. Qualcomm's Time To Decide Its Fate Has Come

    Despite reporting better-than-expected first-quarter financial results, Qualcomm shares are falling.
  36. Bitcoin Price Tanks, Cryptocurrencies Dip as February Begins

    Bitcoin's price tumbled to its lowest value so far in 2018 as the cryptocurrency market stumbled to start February.
  37. 7 Consumer Stocks That Can Beat The Market

    These consumer staples stocks could outperform the market despite rising interest rates and inflation.
  38. Alphabet Reports Earnings in a 'Parabolic Bubble'

    Alphabet stock continues to surge, and its P/E ratio has declined to 39.50 from 50.77 toward the end of 2017.
  39. Alibaba's Stock Is Undervalued: Raymond James

    Raymond James says Alibaba's stock valuation underappreciates its growth prospects.
  40. Facebook: Strong Q4 Prompts Reiterated Buy Ratings

    A double-digit uptick in the amount advertisers will pay to run ads brought out the bulls.
  41. Facebook Upside Limited Despite Strong Quarter

    Facebook stock rallied to channel resistance above $190 after fourth quarter results and could trap late-to-the-party buyers ...
  42. Amplifying The ESG Definition

    The ESG universe is expanding. So are the criteria and standards for what defines these investments.
  43. Inside Some Benefits of Equal-Weight ETFs

    Over the long run, equal-weight ETFs offer outperformance potential over cap-weighted rivals.
  44. Elon Musk's Flamethrowers Sold Out in Days Bringing in $10M

    The $10 million will be used to help bankroll the construction of tunnels under parts of Los Angeles and the Baltimore-Washington ...
  45. Bitcoin Tumbles After India Promises to "Eliminate" Use of Cryptocurrencies in the "Payment System"

    The price of bitcoin fell below $10,000 early Thursday morning after Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced the government ...
  46. Crypto, Cannabis, FOMO Drive New Investor Inflow

    Millennials, reluctant to invest despite a nine-year bull run, are finally diving into trading.
  47. Airlines' Malaise Could Produce Winners: JPMorgan

    United and JetBlue shares look cheap at current levels, writes JPMorgan's Jamie Baker.
  48. Why Visa's Stock Is Running on Fumes

    Visa shares could see a pullback after it reports results on February 1.
  49. How Tesla Mauled The Bears

    Tesla stock has remained surprisingly resilient despite missed delivery estimates for the Model 3 electric car.
  50. Sophisticated Spring Break Destinations, Down-home Airfares

    Plan your own spring break escape where you can enjoy a change of scenery (and skip the student crowds). Here's how.
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  1. Quick Ratio

    The quick ratio measures a company’s ability to meet its short-term obligations with its most liquid assets.
  2. Inventory Turnover

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  3. Mutual Fund

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