6 Ways to Load Your Walmart Money Card

You can load money onto a Walmart MoneyCard through direct deposit, by using a Walmart rapid reload, through check cashing at Walmart, at a Walmart money center express machine, through an online bank transfer or with a tax refund.

Direct Deposit

You can have your paycheck or government benefits loaded directly on your Walmart MoneyCard through direct deposit. This service is free, and you can deposit all or part of your check.

Walmart Rapid Reload

At any participating Walmart, you can add cash to your MoneyCard by swiping it at the register. This service is free for Preferred cardholders. For all other MoneyCards, there is a $3 fee for this service. The service is also available at select Green Dot participating retailers.

Check Cashing at Walmart

You can cash your payroll or government benefits check at Walmart and instantly load the funds on to your MoneyCard. There are no fees for loading these funds on to your MoneyCard, but check cashing fees apply.

Walmart Money Center Express

These centers are located toward the front of Walmart stores, near customer service. You can add cash to your card, your check balance, purchase money orders and buy phone cards. Fees apply depending on the type of MoneyCard and the type of transaction.

Online Bank Transfer

Same-day transfers are available for $2.95 on all but the basic MoneyCard. The standard transfer takes one to three business days, and there is no reloading fee. However, your bank may charge fees on the electronic transfer.

Tax Refunds

When you file your taxes, you can choose to direct deposit your refund to your Walmart MoneyCard. Select the option to direct deposit your funds into a checking account. Your MoneyCard provides you with a routing number and an account number. The standard IRS processing time applies.

Types of Walmart MoneyCards

Walmart offers four types of MoneyCards: Basic, Plus, Specialty and Preferred. All four cards require no credit check, have no overdraft fees and do not require you to have a bank account. You can choose from either a Visa or MasterCard debit and use it everywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted.


Loading money only begins the process of using your Walmart MoneyCard. The basic Walmart MoneyCard provides you zero fraud liability through Visa and MasterCard programs. The Plus and Specialty MoneyCards offer the same benefits and include free online bill pay service. You can send free checks to a landlord or set recurring monthly payments for your auto insurance. These cards also allow you to send funds to friends or family anywhere in the United States.

In addition to all of the other benefits, the Preferred MoneyCard allows you to access an online money vault for setting aside funds for future use. Think of this as a small savings account that you wouldn't be able to touch until you move your funds back onto your MoneyCard. Direct deposit is only available on the Preferred card, and it can be used with select employers and for any government benefits.


Each card has a $3 monthly service fee. The Plus, Specialty and Preferred cards offer monthly fee waivers if you reach certain targeted monthly deposit amounts. The rapid reload incurs a $3 fee for each deposit, but it is free for Preferred cardholders. There is a $4.95 fee to select your own image on the Plus card, but this customization is free for Preferred cardholders. Choosing a personalized image is not available on the Basic card. The Specialty card lets you choose from design options that include sports teams, NASCAR drivers and Mossy Oak, or you can create your own card when you initially purchase it.

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