What are some companies that are building artificial intelligence platforms for investing?

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Ahrens, Matt

Overland Park, KS
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Artificial intelligence continues to be the rage from an investing perspective, and many of the leaders are familiar names. Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Baidu continue to invest in their AI technology. Several lesser known names can be disruptors and good investment opportunities. Nuance Communications is a good example. IBM is an interesting name to keep an eye on. The company has been working on Watson for years, and they pay a nice dividend. If you prefer to buy a basket of securities instead of taking bets on these individual securities, then look at the ETFs ROBO and BOTZ. They are seeing higher inflows from investors, and they will give you diversification while still betting on artificial intelligence. ETFs are required to show you the stocks they are holding. You can find the current list of holdings in ROBO here as an example. This can be a nice way to start with a smaller universe of names and then do your research on which ones you think present nice entry points, and decent long-term opportunities.

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